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A Confession:

I’ve been a bad, bad writer. Somehow, I managed to put out two books during the pandemic, and don’t get me wrong, I am fuckin proud of both of them. (Legit – check them out: Starting Over and Finishing Last, available now on the Big A)

But I haven’t written a word since. Not the fourth River City Romance, not the YA thing, not the ghost thing. I have a folder filled with half-started concepts, and … nothing. Not one thing.

I mean, sure, I’m running a night club, plus working as a research assistant and writer at MacEwan University for the Edmonton Queer History Project in addition to creating content for the Rainbow Story Hub, plus I’ve recently been hired by Explore Edmonton to elevate their Pride programming at this year’s K-Days… it was tiring even to link all those, but oh! It’s a rewarding time career-wise and I am very grateful for the opportunities as life pivots and evolves. 

That being said, I miss writing for you all. I want you to meet Bastian and Topher. I want you to let me try to redeem Luc. I even want to let you know what happens next for Dorothy, Wendy, and Alice. (Not to mention the ghost thing. I really want to write the ghost thing)

And I will. Soon. 

​I promise.

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