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Month: September 2018

Journey into Journaling

On Sept. 25, 1993, I sat down on the stairs outside my junior high school and wrote a letter to my closest friends. I began to unravel a bunch of lies as I talked myself into coming out to them.  This letter became the first entry in what is now 7000+ pages or journals, spanning the last twenty-five years.

The process of journaling became very therapeutic for me. While at first it was solely about my coming out journey, it soon allowed me to process childhood trauma, heartbreak, relationships, mental health, substance (ab)use, grief, and, finally, it allowed me to accept and embrace joy.

And yes, joy was possibly the hardest thing to accept.

At this silver jubilee moment of journaling, I would invite anyone reading this to find a notebook and begin to write. Life throws a lot of crap our way, and social media keeps us inundated with thousands of voices. The only way to truly drown out all that noise is to disconnect and listen to our own whispers. We know the answers – we just have to give ourselves the time and the trust to hear them.

Last Last Call

Alex’s adventure in Wonderland began in earnest in the fall of 2012. It was never supposed to be a multi-volume story, but a publisher request for a second volume led to Through the Mirrorball a few years later. And that was that. Alex, as a character, had found sobriety, maturity, and a happy ending, and I was content to leave him alone.

But the other characters of Wonderland? The Queen? The twins? And my beautiful bartender Brandon? What about them? They whispered in my head “we want our own stories”. And I began to listen.

And today, that story got sent off to my editor. Last Call in Wonderland is, I think, the best of the trilogy. There’s still all kinds of sexcapades and brunch, but I think the characters are much more real, and the tragedy that much more moving as a result.

And who knows? I’ve a feeling some of those people and places might make cameos in future stuff. River City might not be a real place, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll come back there with me again!