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Dan Murphy is new to River City. He hasn’t been there long when he meets Mitch Morris. The one-night-stand they both expected to happen, doesn’t. Instead, they become friends. Soon enough, they’re both dating other people, but as the friendship deepens, it gets harder to deny that there’s something else between them. Friends notice it. Family notice it. Duncan, the guy who sells them gourmet cookies, notices it. 

Nice guys don’t cheat though. Will the timing ever work out? And if it does, do they risk their friendship in pursuit of something more?

It’s been years since the last time Kent Campbell saw Dylan Hedderson. As teens, their friendship had crossed a line into something more before Dylan broke it off, suddenly and completely. The truth is though, neither were ready.

Now, they’re different people. They’re grown up now, they’re loud, they’re proud, and they’re perfectly capable of saying exactly what they want: each other.

​Can they forget past heartbreaks and take a second chance at love?

Patrick is home from a tour of duty overseas with one goal in mind: reconnecting with his son, Peter. That plan gets derailed pretty fast when he finds his eleven-year-old boy dressing in girls’ clothes and hanging out with drag queens.

Andrew is busy entertaining the masses as Ann Moore, but he still finds time to spend with Patrick, hoping to help him understand what Peter is all about.

The friendship that forms between them is unexpected, but more, there’s a chemistry growing that neither of them can deny. Could it be that sexuality and gender and love are all pretty fluid after all?

It’s official. After so many years, Wonderland is closing. Brandon, Jesse, Aaron, and their friends don’t know what life will be like after their favourite club is no more. Before it closes though, Brandon has his hands full with a hot new twink, Aaron finds his spot as headliner challenged by a newcomer, and Jesse and Colton are faced with a bump in the road.

Chester is sad to be closing the bar he built and ran for so many years, but he doesn’t see any other options. It’s a different world, and as much as it will pain him to see it close, the time is here. It’s finally Last Call.

Jake is dead. Which doesn’t stop him from paying his ex-partner a visit. Ben is getting by, but certainly isn’t what one would call happy. Will Jake’s ghost, and the other three spirits that visit, save Ben from the path he is on? On the night before Pride, Ben has the chance to change.

Alex thought he’d finally found the love of his life. But ever since saving his boyfriend Steven from a kidnapper, he’s returned to his own warped version of a twelve-step program. Step one: Stock up on gin. Step two: Score some blow from the Caterpillar. Step three: Dance the night away. Steps four through twelve: Repeat…repeat…repeat….

Sure, Alex knows he’s on a downward spiral. But he doesn’t realize how far he’s fallen until he attends his girlfriend Dinah’s bachelorette party—in Wonderland. The hottest, craziest dance club in town, it’s packed with painful reminders of Alex’s mistakes. Overwhelmed, Alex spins further out of control, until a face from the past comes back to haunt him. When his life—what’s left of it—is put in jeopardy again, Alex is forced to take a good hard look in the mirror—to save his friends, his lovers…and himself.

Not all childhood adventures end.

For Wendy, Alice, and Dorothy, the real adventure is just about to begin.

It is no coincidence that the three of them become roommates in college. It is part of a grander design, for Wendy needs their help to find the boy she lost long ago: Peter Pan. When Alice and Dorothy end up back in Oz, they begin a quest for Peter, but that quest is complicated by the invading forces of the Red Queen, forces seeking out the mysterious Orb of Neverland

After six months of hot-and-heavy dating, Alex is ready to say goodbye to the sex-drugs-and-dance-till-dawn lifestyle and settle down with the love of his life, Steven. He even bought an engagement ring. But when Steven finds an illicit party favor in Alex’s pocket, the powder hits the fan. Steven breaks it off, and Alex heads out to drown his sorrows—in Wonderland…

Michael needed to find himself, like so many young gay boys do. Along the way, he found David and Cory and Troy and Kevin and Matt and Jonny and Adam, and a lot of sex and drama. But where he really found himself was behind the bar at the local gay bar, where the people he met helped make him the man he became.

In the beginning, God created… and millennia later, it got recreated for your enjoyment – all the stories are here, from Noah’s Ark to David and Goliath to the Christmas story, but they’re not quite how you remember them.

This is a comical retelling of classic Bible stories, with some moral lessons updated for the modern age.

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